What We Are About

Why do you need to know about us? Who sent you? Are you a narc?

Vato Tactical came as a funny idea, born while changing a tire at a job I hated. I thought to myself, as a Veteran, all the Veteran oriented shit on the market had to do with Spartans, Vikings or Templars; I am none of those. So VT was born to represent something different, something truly chingon.

Since then, our line has grown to range from Veteran themed merch to chingaderas for non-vets, serious shit to comedic pieces. You don’t have to be a vet or even a Spanish speaker to rate Vato Tactical, all you need is a sense of humor, a vaccine for Little Bitch Syndrom (LBS), and a way to pay.

We love our (paying) customers (more like strongly like) and (arguably) welcome your feedback and suggestions (not the suggestions, we don’t care about thiose). Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on (crticism will be met with hostility and ridicule, suggest at your own risk).