Policies and Shit

LET IT BE KNOWN: If there is a fuck up on our end, we will move heaven and fucking Earth to unfuck ourselves and make sure you get what you expected.

For everything else:

Read the motherfucking item descriptions.

We value and thank everyone for your support. However, some people out there are very difficult. We will not cater to those.

Listen here Linda; Some of our merch is “print to order”. We reserve the right to not accept returns or exchanges for those items. Especially if you ordered the wrong fucking size. You might be asking yourself right now; “Hey asshole, why not?”. Well, it’s like this: We have multiple references to sizing in EVERY SINGLE garment’s item description. Those descriptions include size charts, advisement to order one size up and/or a description of the type of fitment. Each request for a return or exchange will be dealt with case by case. Exchanges for PRINT TO ORDER items (only those) will carry a stocking fee (because they are not stock items) of $10.00, and the customer will cover all shipping fees. As well as paying any differences in prices for exchanges.

We reserve the right to tell anyone to go pound sand. We will treat each person, in the same manner, they treat us. If you’re a dick because you fucked up and won’t accept responsibility for it, you will be treated accordingly. We do not run a safe space.

Defective items: If you receive an item that is defective, we will replace it with the same item or an item of equal value.

Tools: There will be no returns for any “tools”. We may issue refunds on a case-by-case basis. But we are not taking anything with your fingerprints back.

Notice: Some shit is printed in a different location where some of the other shit is stocked, so if you order some shit that is in two different locations, guess what?; Your shit will ship separately. The packing slips will reflect this. Read all that again.

Thank you, keep it firme and remember; Sucios Lead The Way.

Shipping/Processing: Orders will be processed in three to five business days. In-stock items will be shipped USPS. Print-on-demand items will be shipped at the embroiderer’s/printer’s preference (which varies). We have zero control over your package once it ships. All we can do is pray. Most importantly, don’t email us after a couple of days whining about not getting your stuff because it’s Monday and you don’t know what the term “Business day” means.