El Coyote Jacket


A classic cut in a modern situation.


A classic cut in a modern situation.

Made in Oceanside, California, USA, Earth.

The outer shell of the Coyote jacket consists of 35/65, ripstop in camouflage. The liner is made from 400D Nylon with a PU coating which offers resistance to water. Drawstrings are made of sustainably sourced and probably cruelty-free 550 Paracord. Snaps are metal in construction, 1/2″ standard, and probably strong enough to be used in the Indian Space Program. The key feature of this jacket is the specially designed inner pocket. This pocket was made with the life of the day drinker in mind. It is made specifically to smuggle “Tall Boys” in it. Now you’ll never have to”I wish I had a beer with me”, because now the beer can travel with you. Don’t be a bitch by putting seltzers in this apparel masterpiece. From funerals to weddings, street fights to church, IRS audits to dinners with the in-laws; we got you covered culeros. You’re welcome. Sucios Lead The Way.

These are “classic fit”. Like the cheap coach jackets worn in the 80’s and 90’s.

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Black Camo, Flecktarn, M81 Woodland


Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL

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